There are few more chaotic environments than a university campus. A transitional melting pot of personalities, agendas and worldviews, coupled with a mindset of instant gratification and ultra-connectedness makes for a challenging leadership landscape, but also one full of opportunity.

As you consider the complexity of student life in 2020, how well are you equipped to lead? To not just survive the chaos, but make a dent in it? And what would such a sophisticated approach even look like?

We are delighted to be partnering with the expert team at Quaich to create space for you to wrestle with these questions. If you are leading in a campus context in any way, then this weekend will be invaluable for you.

Our time will begin with Chaos Theory – a pragmatic leadership model that suggests a way of engaging with the complexity, while creating a clear vision. Then we’ll spend the rest of our time delving into some psychological theories that allow you to remain sophisticated, handle the chaos and move your vision forward.

We will learn:

– how paradox helps to lead in chaos
– about the psychological games we play with ourselves that detract from our leadership
– to get clear on who we are and what we are leading for
– to make agreements that allow us to lead in the way we would like
– what it looks like to take responsibility and leave a dent in the system


Session Times:

Friday 7th Feb – 7pm – 10pm
Saturday 8th – 9am – 5.30pm (break for lunch at 12.30pm, food not provided)

PLEASE NOTE: The sessions have been deliberately structured to follow a journey through the material, and as such it requested that all delegates attend for the entirety of the event. This isn’t one to dip in and out of.


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