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We have the pleasure knowing some amazing people from all kinds of places and spaces, and here you will find all of the guest posts that they have written for us. Enjoy!

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We’re delighted to continue our guest mini-series of articles from Katie Macintyre – a youth and student worker in Manchester – exploring how to find home in identity as you move into the unknown.

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So You’re Off To Uni…

All this week we’re focusing on the preparations to leave home and head off to university, and are delighted to feature a guest mini-series of articles from Katie Macintyre – a youth and student worker in Manchester. Enjoy the series and get sharing…

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Our Generation’s Biggest Blind Spot.

“This is not about guilt, but about understanding God’s love of His creation and our part in it”. A heart wrenching yet inspirational piece, looking into the power of our choice from Charlotte Instone, Founder of Know the Origin.

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Dreams That Shape The City

God has a plan and a purpose for every area of creation, so no longer can we divide society into the sacred and the secular. Our dreams will she our city. Words by Alan Scott of Anaheim Vineyard

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Fusion Mission Styles

Our friends at Fusion are doing amazing work in helping students connect with churches, and helping churches in their mission on campus. One of their key resources is called ‘Mission Styles’, and here Adam Mitchell-Baker tells us what that is and how it can help you represent Jesus to your friends in a way that fits who you are…

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The Conversation Starter

If we talk hold of our faith, can we too lead the kind of lives that make people ask questions about Jesus? Miriam Swaffield, Global Student Mission leader for Fusion, shares on how are lives can become The Conversation Starter…

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“Man Down”

Karim Stoddart, a recent graduate from the University of Manchester, shares on the experiences that brought him to discover the power of authenticity, vulnerability, and humility, in his journey through adulthood, and into manhood.

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Finding Your Rhythm

Slowing down and regularly spending time with God seems so conflicting to hectic schedules. But what if it held the key to transformation of our campuses? Jo from 24-7 Prayer shares her thoughts. From CAMPUS Volume One.

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