Every one of us will at some point ask ourselves, “What’s the point of life?” or “What were we made for?” Pondering and wrestling through these questions is one of the most exciting things in life because it forces us to become hungry and desperate for truth.

It forces us to search deeply for why were were made and what our purpose is. We can’t all be here to just live and die, right? The point of life isn’t just to survive. 

What does it look like to LIVE in-between the first and second coming of Jesus with the promise of His Holy Spirit now living inside of us? 

What does it look like to be driven by this love? 

The memory of meeting Jesus for the first time is forever imprinted in my heart, soul and mind. I always knew all the ‘right’ things to do, but had no revelation of God’s love. When I understood the cross, and the love statement it represents, my whole life changed. There is truly NOTHING that compares to the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus and His wild love. But now what? What do you do when you have found truth that sets you free? I had a radical transformation when I surrendered my life, but now what do I do with this fire that doesn’t sleep? This is the point where rest and purpose collide and we see His kingdom come through our lives. Rest comes from a faith that knows who God is, and purpose comes from knowing who He says we are and following His voice. 

A deep peace hit my soul and I knew that beyond any job, title, or position my purpose was to follow Jesus and carry His love to the ends of the earth. I suddenly realised that ‘mission’ was much more than just going overseas for a few weeks, but that we are CALLED as sons and daughters to reflect the love of the Father wherever we are. As a worship leader, I realised there are so many people on earth who are missing out on the joy and privilege of worshipping Jesus because they have never been given the opportunity to meet Him! Missions exist where worship doesn’t! 

I believe God is going to use worship and music in the coming days as one of the greatest tools in the global harvest. Worship and missions go hand in hand! Jesus is worthy of all our worship – all the honour, glory and praise! It’s in the place of worship that we touch an eternal reality that goes on forever, and from this place of abandoned worship to Jesus, we see and encounter His heart, and we can’t help but reflect Him. We will let our light shine so that Jesus will be glorified in our lives. When this happens, our lives become His love in action. 

There is a “yes” in our hearts that carries through eternity; our simple obedience can change history! 

Do you believe you are alive for a reason and a purpose? Because you are! The whole point of missions is for worship to spring up from all across the earth, from the hearts of every human that God crafted with His very hands. I’ve often heard believers say, “Oh, I am not called to be a missionary.” Now you may not be called to uproot your life and move across the earth, but we are all called to love God and love our neighbour as ourselves. We are all called to shine. You can’t escape being an ambassador of Christ once you meet Him! The earth is longing for the truth and love you have found. 


By Lindy Conant-Cofer


Originally from Edmond, Oklahoma, Lindy Conant-Cofer is a Christian singer, songwriter, and worship leader with YWAM (Youth with a Mission). As one of the Circuit Riders, she is based in Huntington Beach California, along with over 200 full-time missionaries who are passionate about loving Jesus and seeing people reached with that love.