Season Two of The Campus Podcast is here and we’re inviting you to explore the wild beyond the walls!

Join us as we talk through what it means to thrive at university; to step out of our comfort zone, to affect change in our culture, deal healthily with our pain, and pursue God’s vision over our life.

Alicia & Vanessa are your hosts, with six guests over six episodes.

E1 and E2 are ready for your listening pleasure…

S2E1 – Wild Beyond The Walls

To begin the new season we share what it might look like to get uncomfortable on campus: to step into adventure and to really live the life we’re called too. We share what has helped, what has hindered, and some things we’ve learned along the way.

S2E2 – A More Contagious Culture

Jack and Joe return to help us explore whether the holiness within really can change the culture around us. We chat on what it might look like to be mini Daniels, to be a radical alternative on a campus that’s crying out for a new way of living.

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Want more?

All the themes are in this series are inspired by Volume Two of our CAMPUS publication. Make sure to grab your copy you haven’t already!