Welcome back. It’s great to have you with us. 

We’re into year two of our CAMPUS project and are so excited for you to get your hands on the new publication. Our heart at Campus Awakening is to see you, and every student we encounter, grow in relationship with Jesus and get confident in representing him on campus. We truly believe that what God starts in your university years can reverberate through the rest of your life, and that when He moves amongst students it will in turn impact wider society for years to come. This time is so much more than just a training ground and we want to see you thrive in it!

Last time out we were thinking about moving to university and all that comes with establishing yourself as a follower of Jesus in a completely new environment. So, what’s next? When you came away to uni you didn’t have a choice but to cut a fresh path through the trees and carve out a brand new space in the world to call your own. And it might be that such a process is still ongoing. Maybe it still feels like you’re treading water in this vast ocean, gasping for air as you search for somewhere stable to plant your feet? In which case, keep swimming; the land will come sooner than you think. 

Or maybe you’ve managed to put down roots. You’ve found your rhythm. And the challenge in front of you now might be to resist the temptation to merely settle, to get comfortable, rather than continue to push into new territory like the pioneer you were created to be.

Most Christians I know want to change the world. They want to see the kingdom come on their campus and see it look more like God always intended. They want their friends to know Jesus and for love, joy, peace and righteousness to win out. But something happens between Sunday night and Monday morning. There is a gap between the safety of student group and the reality of our everyday experiences, and in this vacuum much of our good intention and holy resolution gets sucked up by the pressure change. In its place, survival instinct kicks in again: play it safe, keep your head down. Or find a few different personalities that you can swap on and off like clothes as the climate dictates.

So it is into this space that we present CAMPUS Volume Two. A companion for the student right in the thick of it. It is an invitation not to settle down, not to be satisfied with the holy huddles and safety-in-numbers but to reach out and to explore the wild beyond the walls. To discover the fullness Jesus promised and to put your true self on display for the world to see the glory of God that you carry. Once again, it’s a compass and not a map: you will need to plot your own path and make your own way. But our hope is that within this publication you will find some fellow travellers who can cast a little light on your steps. 

Clear the way through the wilderness
    for the Lord!
Make a straight highway through the wasteland
    for our God!
Fill in the valleys,
    and level the mountains and hills.

Straighten the curves,
    and smooth out the rough places.
Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed,
    and all people will see it together.

– Isaiah 40:3-5

With love!

Ralph Pedley, Campus Awakening UK Director