Campus Film Series

Episode Two – Choose Well

Who are you following and what are you allowing to influence you?

The reality is that before we can consider making any kind of impact on our surroundings, it is much more important to consider who we are being led by. Often following the way of Jesus can look like foolishness, even waste, to the world, but we actually think this is the key thriving in any season of life. In episode two we turn attention to the weight of the seemingly insignificant choices that make up our daily lives.



Check out the additional resources below to help you go deeper into the themes of this episode.

We have a discussion resource which with help you grapple with the film and start putting the ideas into practice – perfect if you’re using it in a group or want to go beyond just watching. While the related podcast and articles will bring in other voices on the topic and further equip and encourage you as you follow Jesus on campus.

Discussion Resources

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