We’re so glad you are here, and we’re excited on your behalf for what God has in store. Our heart is that during your time as a student you will find family, find purpose, and find an understanding of who you really are.

As a Fresher, you’re not stepping into your new environment alone. You’re stepping onto campus with the power, the authority, and the purpose of Jesus Christ in your life. There is so much more to these next few years than just your degree. The story over the campuses of our nation is being re-written, and there is a part to play that has been designed specifically for you.

So… Here are some things we’ve made to help you on the journey ahead!


The CAMPUS Podcast

Sometimes we just need some encouragement. To know that we’re not alone. That someone has been here before, felt the same way, and come out the other side.

Our CAMPUS Podcast gives you an opportunity to listen in to four students discussing everything from first days, awkward encounters, and the pressure be cool, to catching a bigger vision and God’s heart for our campuses. From finding (or not finding) our perfect fit, friends, and community, to discovering our identity and finally being real with ourselves.

Interested? Listen to all of Series 1 here, or search “The Campus Podcast” wherever you usually listen.

If you like what you hear, look out as Series 2 is coming soon!


CAMPUS is our first printed publication, and it’s totally FREE for you. In its pages you will find a mixture of wisdom, stories, insights, and devotions from people we know, love and respect, and that we think will help you thrive in university.

We focus on the culture shock of moving to university, settling in, establishing yourself, and finding your purpose on campus. We feature interviews with students just like you, as well as featured articles from friends around the UK and beyond. We pray it will help get you ready for the journey ahead!

Read it all in one go, or dip in and out as you please. Whatever works for you. But as you do, ask God to speak to you and show you where He is and what He’s doing.

Order your FREE copy of CAMPUS here.


Volume Two is the companion for those of us who are right in the thick of it, and again, it’s TOTALLY FREE!

It delves into themes of challenge, relationships, doubts, dreams, identity and healthy practice. How to truly thrive right in the midst of success, pain, hope, confusion, and to focus on Jesus all the more.

Again we feature interviews from students who have journeyed the path, articles full of insight from our friends around Europe, but this time we feature a special devotional series from our friends over at There Is Something More!

With contributions from Jon Tyson, Lindy Conant-Cofer, Rachel Gardner, Pippa Baker, TISM, Naked Truth and more, this is not one to be missed.

Grab your FREE student copy here.


The CAMPUS Film Series

On top of all of this we have a series of short films coming soon. We draw on themes from our first volume of CAMPUS with the aim of expanding, resourcing, and equipping your walk with God.

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