We’ve been busy planning and creating The CAMPUS Podcast and are so excited that you can finally hear it!

In this first season, four students will be exploring what it’s really like to follow Jesus at uni. The pitfalls, the highs, the lows, and all the advice we wish we’d had. We real-talk everything from the pressure to reinvent yourself, find community, and be cool, to what it takes to become authentic, redefine success, and bounce back from your mistakes. Can you be cool and Christian? Are we all just faking it to make it? Is church relevant? Does Jesus really want to restore the WHOLE world?? Find out!

S1E1 – Culture Shock

We kicks thing off by discussing what it’s actually like to come to university for the first time. From the pressure to reinvent yourself, make friends, and be cool, to weird housemates, and the advice we wish we’d had.

S1E2 – Just Another Follower

We name our heroes, from Jim Carey to NBA Superstars, and discuss culture’s idolisation of “cool”. What might it look like to follow Jesus on Campus, and what do we do when we come up short?

S1E3 – Commitaphobe Community

Are students lazy, flaky, non-committal consumers? Can you still be a Christian and not go to church? In this episode we share our experiences of doing church in university, the struggle to find community, and explore just what it is like to really let people in.

S1E4 – Fake It Till You Make It

Is it even possible to be authentic in the age of filters, followers and Instagram influencers? Who is the real you? How do I know? In this episode we discuss what it means to be real. We talk on our fear of rejection, our ideal self, and on the journey to discover, and then to embrace, the good and the bad parts of us.

S1E5 – PDA (Public Displays of Affection)

Is evangelism a dirty word? Is there ever a ‘perfect moment’ to share your faith? In this episode we share what it’s like to be “the Christian” in the group, and we pick apart some of the barriers we’ve faced in going public with our faith.

S1E6 – Little Fish, Big Pond

Can one person really make a difference? In the season finale we go big picture, and discuss whether maybe, just maybe, we could change the world…

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