We are so excited to be launching a brand new Hub in the Welsh coastal town of Aberystwyth, in partnership with St. Mike’s. We asked one of the leaders, Phil Nixon, to share some of his story of moving to Aber and his heart for what he wants to see God do in and through students.

“I came to Aber on a Uni visiting day after 3 hours’ drive through mountains. I got out of the car and fell in love with the place: the sea, the sunsets and, as I was to find out later, St. Mike’s. I loved my time as a student. There were great opportunities to expand my knowledge (of course), but also to grow in my relationship with God and with friends. Settling into a loving church was vital for my time at Uni. It was quite literally the thing that kept me going. Without friends, and particularly my church friends, I’m not sure I would still be in Aber.

I am really looking forward to spending the next few years of my life in St. Mike’s as a student worker. I can’t wait to see people thrive and grow as they study in the most beautiful University town in the UK (not *necessarily* a fact and I may be biased).

Witnessing students’ relationships blossom and seeing them mature as they get a greater grasp of God’s love for them is the most exciting part of what I do. University is also a great time to find out who you are, and my hope for this year is that all of our students will leave knowing who they are made to be and accepting the truth of their identity as a son or daughter of God, the perfect father.

But Aber isn’t just Church, Campus and Christians. There is so much more to see and do, whatever your thing is I am sure the Uni has a society for it. We are so blessed to be placed on the beach and next to the mountains so swimming, walking or cycling are all right on hand. Look on the Facebook profile of most Aber students and you will see countless pictures of the famous Aber sunset and memories of BBQs on the beach.

Lynne and I would love your prayer for this year as we start our journey with Campus Awakening. Please pray that we can have a year that is awesome, in the sense that we are in awe of God’s amazing power working in our environment and on our campus and in our town. Pray that God’s love can be felt incredibly tangibly by all in Aber, that we will experience God in a life changing way. Thanks!”


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