For many of you, the time is fast approaching when you will say goodbye to your current surroundings and move to your brand new university city. We’ve thought a little about setting you up for life when you arrive but today our focus is a little different: how can you leave home really well? It’s a key part in any transition and will determine how much momentum you have moving into your new season.

Here are four things we can recommend doing:

There will undoubtedly have been some, if not many, people who have played an important part in your journey up til this point – not least your parents! Make sure you take the time to honour them and thank them for all their input. Humility is one of Jesus’ favourite characteristics and the ability to express gratitude is one of the best ways of walking in it.

Things are going to change, especially your relationships – whether that’s with family, friends or significant others. It’s going to be really helpful to think about how things will be different and decide how you want to move forward into that reality. Setting boundaries like not going home too soon, or calling up friends in different cities every day is probably going to be really helpful.

Don’t waste the next few days or weeks – make some memories, have a lot of fun. And why not make a plan now to meet up with all your friends for a meal or a drink at Christmas, or the next time you’ll all be back around?

Take some time to sit with God and ask Him to open your eyes to all He has in store for you in this new season. It’s going to be amazing! It’s so much easier to savour the closing of one chapter when you can trust that the next one will be full of adventure. He doesn’t promise it will be easy, but He does say that He’ll always be with you!

We’re praying for you as you make this transition, and are excited for you to get set up in your new home!