It’s early September. For thousands of you the day where you leave home and head to university for the very first time is coming up… and fast! Hopefully you’re excited, but probably also a little nervous too. Wherever you find yourself on that spectrum, we want to help you make a smooth transition and over the next few days we will be sharing some thoughts about the areas that we think are the most critical for any new student. And where better to start than possibly the most important thing for any student wanting to follow Jesus well at uni: finding a church family to call home.

One of the amazing hallmarks of thriving student cities is that they are home to so many wonderful churches who will disciple you and equip you to be part of God’s plan for the earth. Never before have there been so many churches sold out for calling a generation of students to life in the kingdom, and our prayer for every student is that you would find the family God is calling you to quickly, and get wholeheartedly stuck in there as soon as you can.

But just where do you start when there are so many great options?

Assuming the obvious, like they love Jesus and believe the Bible, here are four questions it might be helpful to ask as you choose a church to commit to…

More important than ‘what’ any church does, is ‘why’ they do it. Programmes and activities come and go, but finding out the heart behind what a church is all about will help you know if that is where you are supposed to be.

Getting plugged into a church early is one of the very best things you can do with your first term. What will make that is easier is finding out where to connect without a church outside of a Sunday meeting. So when you visit, go and find out where the small groups are or how to meet some other students (if you haven’t already) and experience the community there in its fulness.

God has a purpose for your life in the next few years that goes way beyond just your degree. It is vital to be part of a family that will nurture you, but equally important to find one that will stretch you and equip you to walk into all that God has in store for your time here.

You know that makes sense…

Having thought about those questions, your next stop is to head on over to Our good friends at Fusion have an amazing app that will get you connected with local churches in your area. What are you waiting for?!

Check back tomorrow for the next instalment of #findingyourfeet